Careers In Animal Medicine

Veterinarian Hialeah FL is a large full-service animal hospital offering comprehensive, high-volume veterinary care to pets from young to old. Veterinarian Hialeah is located in the beautiful Florida Keys and offers comprehensive outpatient and in-patient care. The veterinarians at this facility are dedicated to providing exceptional, pain-free healthcare to pets, while striving to maintain a gentle, patient approach to treatment. Patients receive exceptional personalized veterinary care from one of the finest staffs in the nation. With many opportunities for educational learning and enrichment, Veterinarian Hialeah is an ideal location to pursue your passion.

A group of devoted, compassionate veterinarians focus their time and efforts on providing the highest quality of care for your pet, while allowing them to participate in enjoyable activities. Many of these loving, devoted individuals came from backgrounds as varied as medicine, law, and nursing. As you look into this fantastic opportunity, you will find that there are many benefits to becoming a Veterinarian. Below are just a few of the great perks that come along with this challenging profession:

Education. Veterinary science is constantly evolving. As a student, you will gain valuable knowledge regarding preventative measures and the best treatments for your beloved animals. As a graduate, you will be prepared to administer both conventional and alternative medication. As a successful Veterinarian, you will also be able to conduct research on a wide variety of ailments and conditions affecting animals.

License/Certification. Like all careers in medicine, the field of Animal Medicine also requires that you have a certain type of license or certification in order to practice. Veterinary Medicine clinics require that their employees have taken the Certified Veterinary Medicine Program (CVM) Examination. This examination is available through the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

Certification. To work in a clinic dedicated to providing animal care, it is essential that your employees possess a CVM or Certified Veterinary Medicine Assistant qualification. This certification will grant you the title of ” Vet Tech” and allow you to take your career further by serving as a veterinary technician in hospitals or other similar establishments. It also allows you to open further clinics if you choose.

Careers in Veterinary Medicine also include positions such as directors of animal assisted therapy programs and rehabilitation centers. The director of an assisted therapy program is responsible for training and employing staff to aide animals with disabilities. Rehabilitation centers employ individuals to care for animals who have been injured or ill. In order to care for animals effectively and efficiently, Vets must have extensive knowledge of proper diet and nutrition, as well as exercise and grooming techniques. The careers in Animal Medicine are extremely fulfilling and enjoyable for both graduates and career veterans alike.

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